Broken Women

Broken women

 A frightening insight into the spike in domestic abuse following the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak

Overall, the year 2020 has highlighted the topic of health. Whereas the pandemic itself has proven to compromise an individual’s psychical health among closed doors negative forces parred with the virus have also, played devil’s advocate regarding certain individuals health. Female abuse victims. They have always existed but never in the public eye. Hidden behind a closed door, or netted curtain, these meek women fall prey to malicious partners. Before Lockdown, an abused woman although vulnerable could escape temporarily from the emotional verbal blackmail and physical beatings. She could attend her job if she were allowed one or feel safer in a crowded street or supermarket. Then on the 16th March 2020 British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the official decision that for the countries own safety life as we knew it had to halt. Time froze, schools shut, offices closed, a population of non-essential civilians sat impatiently stagnating behind closed doors with the orders of working from home or simply stay inside to protect others. Yet, what about those individuals who are trapped inside and can’t protect their selves? Lisa King a Spokeswoman for the Charity women’s aid confirmed this was the case for British women with an increase of 54% of women wanting to access to safe housing.

 How is one to access safe housing when your local county as gone into Lockdown? In China where the Virus originated the rest of the world was given a glimpse into what was to come. Tension between households’ families and couples. A sense of emotional strain then reconciliation was imminent. Feng Yuan, co-founder of Equality, a nongovernmental organization in Beijing focused on gender-based violence, explained that there’s been a rise in requests to her organization for help. “Lockdown brings out latent tendencies for violence that were there before but not coming out,” she wrote in an email. “Lockdown also makes help seeking more difficult.” Divorce rates soared. Well I can’t divorce my family I suppose we shall survive and reconcile but most shockingly were the couples filing for divorces. The whole situation was bizarre Why were loved ones suffering and quarrelling surly this was a time to become stronger in union? After all, evolutionary research involving human beings suggest we are predominantly pack animals who thrive in social groups.  

Speaking of fellow animals as a writer interested in behavioural psychology I would like to allude to the 1981 Rat Park experiment conducted by  Bruce K. Alexander, Barry L. Beyerstein, Patricia F. Hadaway and Robert B. Coambs. The experiment itself consisted of two separate groups of rodents in this case rats. One group of rats in the deprived cages with little mental and physical stimulation and the other group of rats given the ‘Rat Park’ which offer many luxuries such as tunnels and wheels that provided mental and physical stimulation. Both groups of rats were offered small Morphine induced water samples. The rats with the bleaker cages and more time in isolation often verged towards the water. Whereas, the rats with the luxurious tunnels and wheels steered clear of the morphine. Now try picture us humans having been sent into Lockdown for the first time what did many humans do as forms of entertainment since social luxuries had been taken away? They turned to cheap pleasure. Food, drink, and sex. The harsh outcome of Lockdown itself being a mixture of Cabin fever as well as addictive personalities undergoing total deprivation. Think about it for a moment, after having deprived oneself of luxuries the brain looks for a way to stimulate itself. Alcohol and food being the most common and cheap means. Poorer communities often suffer with addictive individuals with addiction disorders as they lack luxuries essential to one’s wellbeing. Such as job opportunities as well as proper educational and recreational facilities.  Having lost our main recreational joys most of society was reduced to basic Living as many poorer communities often undergo. With increased Alcohol levels and the Global Drug Survey found more than 50% of Brits reported an increase in the number of days consuming alcohol each week during the Covid-19 crisis, with a third reporting an increase in binge drinking.

 it was only a matter of time out waistlines expanded and our locals adopted a more violent disposition. The startling figures only aided in slumping people not depressive states and before we knew it a sea of self-help books flooded our bookshop shelves and online reading recommendations. Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, who chairs Alcohol Health Alliance UK, and Ilora Finlay, chair of the House of Lords Commission on Alcohol Harms, have attempted to galvanise the government in an editorial with the following cutting-edge statement. “It is increasingly clear that if we don’t prepare for emerging from the pandemic, we will see the toll of increased alcohol harm for a generation,”

Our nation through ought 2020 has been bent and broken like the women who suffered the most. Not only will we recall how we revaluated our societal values placing more emphasis on ordinary nurses than politicians and trust in others especially our government during these ‘uncertain times’ but  we will continue to spread the commonness of abuse and commendable charities such as Women’s aid. Who like the get Britain talking campaign will encourage women to speak out in the face of danger.

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